The Loch Tay Boating Centre situated at the east end of Loch Tay, is run by Eddie Rennie and Elaine McConville (pictured) who took over the management of the business earlier this year. Robin Menzies of Mains of Taymouth Estate has recently purchased a share in the operation.
EddieClaireMcConvilleWebThe Centre offers motor boat hire, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and mountain biking and has just opened up a new lochside cafe with amazing views down over the loch.
A new carpark, jetty and slipway have been constructed which, together with a clean up of the beach and bay at Kenmore, has resulted in the area looking better than ever and ready to attract tourists this coming season.
“The Boating Centre is in a great spot and, with the addition of the new cafe, has real business potential,” said Robin Menzies. “Eddie and Elaine have vast experience in both catering and boating as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the local area. I am delighted to come on board here and help the business develop further. “
The expansion of the business comes at the right time as the clean up of the area has been greatly welcomed.  He continued: “It has enhanced what is already one of Scotland’s most picturesque spots. Locals and visitors alike have been commenting on how attractive it is looking,”
He added: “What’s so great about here is that you can choose from a variety of activities on water and land, all in the one location- from pottering about on the loch in a boat to biking; walking or fishing – it can be as energetic or as relaxing an activity as you want it to be, we have it all here at Kenmore.”
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