25 April 2012

On 23 April some 40 people gathered in Aberfeldy Town Hall (pictured) to take part in the first of two hustings in the ward.
Convened by Aberfeldy Community Council and moderated by its chairman Eric Slorance, six of the seven candidates for the three vacancies addressed a range of questions over a two hour period. The Labour candidate was unable to attend the event.
AbHustApril1WebAs was observed afterwards, if it could be assumed that each candidate would have accounted for the presence of an average of two supporters in the hall, then the attendance figure reflects a low interest by the locally uncommitted.  This, in turn, may presage a low turnout for the election on 3 May.
The evening provided all the hopefuls with a try-out canter for the second of the hustings.  This is to be held on 30 April at Pitlochry Town Hall at 7.00pm and will be broadcast live by Heartland FM on 97.5 and streamed online.


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