Unanimous support was given by P&K councillors in the Development Control Committee for the construction to go ahead of the Sainsbury’s foodstore in Pitlochry.
Plans were originally submitted last April following a public consultation process which indicated substantial support for the development amongst local residents.  Some minor alterations to the appearance of the structure were proposed by the Pitlochry Civic Trust and these were incorporated in a set of new plans which were re-submitted to P&K in June of last year.
The 15,000 square metre retail outlet is reported to be set to create in excess of 150 full and part time jobs.
2012 Launch Target
National development surveyor for Sainsbury’s, Paul Miller, said: “Sainsbury’s are delighted that we now have the go-ahead to start work on the store on Bridge Road and deliver the much-awaited new supermarket for residents of Pitlochry and the surrounding area.
“We have been working closely with Pitlochry Highland Games and will not be starting work on the new store until after the 2011 Highland Games.”
The company hopes to launch the new store for summer of 2012.
A spokesman for Sainsbury’s added “With the nearest Sainsbury’s stores located in Dundee and Kinross, it is expected that the proposed food store at Pitlochry would both attract customers from towns within the wider Highland Perthshire area and, crucially, retain Pitlochry’s retail spending within the town.
“Sainsbury’s will improve the choice of food shopping available to local residents in Pitlochry, and in neighbouring towns, while also complementing the trade of local businesses.”


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