An innovative visitor centre in the heart of Pitlochryhas this week won a share of the People’s Postcode Lottery’s Dream Fund. The winners were announced on 31 January at People’s Postcode Lottery’s annual Charity Gala at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.
The John Muir Trust, with its partner Highland Perthshire Ltd, has secured £50,000 from People’s Postcode Lottery to create the Wild Space visitor centre. Through the project, the partnership aims to create an innovative space where people from all walks of life can learn about the changing environment, ecosystems, wildlife and the value of wild land and wild places.
Located in a versatile gallery space on Atholl Road in Pitlochry, local people and visitors will be able to contribute and engage with art, poetry, film, painting and photography. Trust hopes to welcome thousands of visitors of a year to the centre when it opens in 2013. 
Stuart Brooks, chief executive of the John Muir Trust said: “We’re thrilled beyond words. This extra ‘dream’ money will enable the John Muir Trust’s Wild Space visitor centre to pack a wonderful punch in support of wild places. Now, more than ever, we need people from all walks of life to connect with the environment and understand the importance of their natural heritage and the role it has to play in our health and well-being.

Wild Space Centre
“We want the Wild Space to be a truly inspiring place, built to the highest environmental and educational standards, where the public can engage with the work of the Trust and discover the beauty, value and relevance of wild places. It will be a place that brings benefits to local businesses and visitors, and makes a positive contribution to Pitlochry and Highland Perthshire.
“Thanks to People’s Postcode Lottery, this ambitious vision can now become a reality. The Dream Fund undoubtedly helps to make this one of the John Muir Trust’s most exciting projects to date.” 
Jo Bucci, Managing Director of People’s Postcode Lottery said; “Once again we have been overwhelmed by our winning projects. We are proud that at a time when funding opportunities are becoming increasingly thin, we are, thanks to our growing number of players, able to offer another new opportunity for the sector.”
The Lottery also announced that the players have so far raised over £16.3million for charities across Great Britain, and presented the 14 charity beneficiaries with their cheques for funds raised in 2011.

Pictured, from left are: Jo Bucci, Managing Director of People’s Postcode Lottery; Kate Barclay, Head of Fundraising, John Muir Trust; Annemiek Hoogenboom, Country Director of People’s Postcode Lottery; Stuart Brooks, Chief Executive, John Muir Trust; Susan Wright, Head of Communications, John Muir Trust; David MacLehose, Trustee, John Muir Trust


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