Leading property consultants CKD Galbraith have announced plans to acquire the Buccleuch John Sale Estate Agency and Chartered Surveying Business.
The acquisition will result in a major expansion of CKD Galbraith with three further offices in the Scottish Borders, together with an additional staff of 30. This acquisition will take CKD Galbraith offices in Scotland to 12, employing 160 people from Inverness to the Borders.
The company was formed following the merger of CKD Finlayson Hughes with Cluttons in 2003, having held an office in Aberfeldy since the 1950’s. Indeed, Valerie Fleming, who heads up the Estate Agency Department in the town, has worked for the firm’s Aberfeldy office in its various guises since 1973. The firm continues to hold a leading knowledge of transactional business in the area.

Shared Values
William Jackson, the partner handling agency said: “This continuing expansion of CKD Galbraith adds strength to an increasingly known and trusted brand. We will be joining forces with a team that shares many of the same values as CKD Galbraith and we believe our combined resources will offer continuing excellent service.”
Harry Lukas, the Director of Buccleuch John Sale said: “We are all very pleased to be joining the progressive CKD Galbraith team. We have a lot in common, particularly in seeking to offer people in the rural property sector a personal service, which has been our approach for many years.
“We will continue to serve our clients, many of whom have built up excellent relationships over a long time.”


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